Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What time do you deliver and pickup to resorts, hotels, residences, Air Bnbs, etc?

          We mainly deliver and pickup in the mornings and afternoons. Once your order is placed, we will find out your approximate arrival time and deliver before you arrive.  If the items cannot be left without your being there, a convenient time to meet you will be arranged once the order is placed.  Of course, for the airport, the delivery and pick up times will vary according to your flight times.  

2)  How do airport deliveries and pickups work? 

          For deliveries, we meet curbside outside of your baggage claim.  For pickups, we meet curbside at your departure gate about 2 hours prior to your departure time.  Since the driver is already waiting at the airport cell lot, one adult should give us a call as soon as you arrive at the baggage claim while the other adult is collecting the luggage.   

3)  Can you deliver to our car rental area at the airport?

          No, we are not allowed in the car rental area at the airport.  If your luggage and car seats are too much to take to the car rental area down stairs, one adult can get the car and drive to the baggage claim to pick up the passengers and luggage and car seats.  

4)  Is there a delivery and pickup fee?

          If your order is $45 or more, the delivery and pickup is free as long as you are staying within a 10 mile radius of Disney World.  The airport delivery and pickup is free as long as the order is above $45.  Otherwise there is a $25 fee which includes both the delivery and pickup.

5)  What is your refund policy?

          If you cancel 7 days prior to your delivery date, we will issue a 100% refund.  If you cancel 2-6 days prior to your delivery date, we will issue a 50%

 refund.  However, if you are rescheduling for a future date, we will issue 100% credit.

6)  How do we clean our products?

         All of our products are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use.  For washing fabric, we use Arm & Hammer sensitive skin detergent and Ultra Downy free & gentle fabric softner.  We use Lysol wipes to clean all our products.